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Dream Greenhouse

May 1st, 2013 · 3 Comments

I have a dream of a greenhouse.  Full of food.  That takes care of itself — waters itself –vents itself, shades itself, heats itself….  A retreat from winter. A warm haven from cold, wind, snow, and rain.

And I dream of being able to monitor temperatures and humidity, CO2 from my iphone anywhere in the world.  And perhaps even open and close vents and turn pumps and fans on and off.

I dream of a blanket of soap bubbles keeping it cozy at night and shaded during the day.  And I dream of water tanks to store heat to be released at night.  Fish to fertilize the plants.  Plants to purify the water  for the fish.  And fun places for people to read, play, think, pray, talk, eat, heal.

Why do we spend so much energy trying to fight nature?  And then we are taxed so the governments can spend money to “save nature.”

Why do we spend research money studying the rare bacteria that live in the armpits of endangered monkeys?

And I dream of a business where I can work from home.  Where I can teach my kids.  Where I can influence people with practical solutions to real problems.  I dream of having time to experiment and invent simple, cost-effective ways for people to have fun doing life.  I want to bring health and prosperity to everyone I meet.  I want them to live fulfilled lives full of hope and fun and wonder.  I want my kids to each have their own business, or two, or three.    So they never “have” to get a job to survive.  So they have options  — and have self-esteem built on real accomplishment.  Self-esteem and self-confidence do wonders for people.   It improves health, creates opportunities, opens doors,  enhances relationship.  But self-esteem without character and self-confidence without competence are like lipstick on a pig.     It’s easy to fall off either side of the boat.  Some parents concentrate on affirming their kids to make sure they have the self-confidence and self-esteem.  Other parents fall off the other side of the boat and concentrate so much on competence that the kids think they always  have to be doing something to be valuable.  Those kids tend to be capable but feel like they are never doing enough or never quite good enough.  And parents that are so concerned that their kids have character — run the risk that their kids will grow up to be adults who always do and say the right things but feel rotten about themselves.

I dream of having kids who feel safe to tell the truth.  Especially to themselves.  Fear and Lies are partners in crime.  As a team, they have robbed a lot of people of joy and a future.  Think of it.  A kid is afraid of  something so he lies to try to avoid whatever he fears.    Even after the crisis is averted, he is afraid that his lie will be uncovered — so even if he does not tell another lie, he has painted a protective coating over his subconscious.  A habit..  A preparation to lie again to be safe.    If the cycle is not broken, he will begin to lie every time he feels fear.  And life is full of pain and uncertainty.    But the most insidious thing about the fear/lie cycle, is the inevitable self-delusion.   Psychologists call it denial.  Some people call it fantasy.   Others call it coping.  God calls it lying.   People who lie to themselves are a threat to themselves and society.

I think it is funny how each of us thinks that we hold the solution to the worlds problems.  The lawyers, politicians, and legislators think that if they get the right words, the resulting laws will eliminate problems.  The engineers and programmers think that with the right gadget or software patch, every problem could be solved.  Artists think that if people just opened up their hearts to the beauty around them, their hearts would be healed.

It’s OK to dream.  It’s OK to solve problems.  Some dreams crash and burn.  Others fly.

May your dreams ignite hope that powers the passion that drives your feet up another step towards a brighter future.

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  • 1 Elizabeth // May 11, 2014 at 6:47 pm

    Hi – I just discovered your blog and have really enjoyed reading it and your posts on backyard aquaponics. My husband and I may be transferring to Alaska and would like to continue our aquaponic adventures up there. Can you raise tilapia for personal consumption? What about shrimp? I can’t really find much info on the Alaska Fisheries except about oysters. We know a lot about oysters here in Texas (my husband has been in the business for about 30 years) but we want to just use the “fish” for private consumption. Do you have any info?

  • 2 eric // Jul 11, 2014 at 5:44 am

    That was awesome to read.my wife and i thank you for the nice tomato plant and the kale gift and recipe.we both wanted to say you have the most polite boys we ever met.

  • 3 eric // Jul 11, 2014 at 5:45 am


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