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Endurance pays off

January 27th, 2013 · No Comments

I talked to my dad yesterday for an hour and a half. I told him about my failings, broken dreams, and desire to give up and try something easier. He told me two things that encouraged me. The first was that Abraham didn’t change his name in response to circumstances. Naomi changed her name to “Bitter”. Abraham’s given name was Abram which means “Exalted Father.” He must have felt pretty silly and disappointed with a name like that when he was childless at close to 100 years old. And God upped the Ante by changing his name to Abraham which means “father of many.”
The other encouragement Dad gave me was from his own experience as a business machine serviceman. Shortly after he took early retirement, his former employer sold the company to a larger competitor. The new owner contacted my dad, begged him to come back and offered him a much larger salary. He said they had tried hard for years to get my dad’s customers but not a single one switched to the bigger company. And he said my dad could have a job anytime he wanted. So 15 years or so of showing up every day, doing his best, and telling the truth paid off.

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