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Value Systems

November 20th, 2012 · No Comments


Looked at a little bunch of cilantro from Freddie’s this morning that I had too long and let it begin to rot. My instant thought was, “Well, I only paid $.69 for it. It’s not organic….so no great loss.” Then a mental picture of all the aphids on my cilantro flooded back. I spent all summer trying to raise crops WITHOUT chemicals. It was hard work. Now here I am not valuing a little bunch of fresh cilantro because I feel that it is certainly an inferior product.

After this long discouraging road (for me) of growing organically and fighting pests, I have realized that any time you try something that’s hard, it may not work at first. I’m getting up the courage to try again. Courage to go back for more! Courage to keep the vision. Courage to continue on in my purpose and passion.

Value often comes from realizing how challenging, difficult, grueling, and expensive it can be to make, produce, develop, cultivate, grow, or create any given item, product, system, relationship or organization.

It’s kind of like after you’ve made homemade laundry detergent a few times…you realize what a good deal it is when you find Seventh Generation Laundry soap on sale at Fred’s. Even though it’s not cheap, it’s a good deal to you, becuase YOU KNOW what you went tthrough to make your own.

What is it that you value today? How have your values changed? What caused them to change? What have you been through that has changed your view on family? Friends? Church? Support group? Network? Job? Business? Life Purpose? Ministry?

This Thanksgiving season, I am so grateful for fresh perspective, new ideas, more knowledge and understanding, a strong network of friends and leaders, a healthy and loving family, the provision of healthy food, clean water to drink, a place to sleep at night, a God who never sleeps or slumbers, and My Saviour and Best Friend who gave it all up for me– to take away every trace of guilt and shame and give me a life full of purpose, passion, and freedom….forever.

My value system has changed…and I’m so thankful.

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